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Boston Guzheng Ensemble



Harvest Song
Rise Step By Step
Picking Up Spring
White Peony
Fishermen Song
Butterfly Lovers
Childhood Pleasures
Turkey In The Straw
Mi Du Mountain Song
Picking Reed Catkins
Battling The Typhoon

New England East Wind

Boston Guzheng Ensemble



The Lion Dance / Composed by Liang Yue-Yin

The Girls who are Picking Mushrooms / Composed by Gu Jian-Fen

The Brahmin / Arranged by Wei Jun

Jasmines / Composed by Wu Da-Jiang

The Blossoming of Flowers / Arranged by Zhou Yan-Jia

Green Island Serenade / Composed by Zhou Lan-Ping, arranged by Gu Guan-Ren

Scenery of Suzhou / Arranged by Wang Qiang

Spring Festival Overture / Composed by Li Huan-Zhi

Little Cabbage / Arranged by Chi-Sun Chan and Shin-Yi Yang

Battling with the Storm / Composed by Wang Chang-Yuan

Dance of the Yao Tribe / Composed by Mao Yuan and Liu Tie-Shan

Driving a Cart and Going Forward / Adopted by He Bao-Quan

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